Tuesday, June 22, 2010

school days again

hello girls, how are you doing? i am really enjoying myself drawing and painting everyday. this is my new friend, hazel. from hong kong. she has been travelling in india, sri lanka for more than a year now. she arrived in nepal in apr and is now studying thangka too. she will be here for 2 months before travelling to bhutan. this is where we usually hangout when we need internet at saturday cafe, enjoying cakes and sorbet! the weather is so hot here. today i am having lemon sorbet. haha can you see what i am wearing today. hee... yesterday we decided to cook ourselves lunch. we have a 2 hr break you see.. and i was craving so much for bee hoon soup. the instant bee hoon i brought along with me. and hazel's friend brought her some lee kum kee sauce. oh this reminds me so much of my uni days in melbourne. haha.. we had beehoon soup with a pot of vege. we need lots of vitamin c. and my cheapo 3-in-1 coffee after lunch! YES! very important! we always feel so sleepy after the 2 hour lunch. so happy! oh btw, i am still drawing the buddha face. its my 8th day drawing buddha face. the more i draw the more difficult it gets. teacher said they used to draw buddha face for a month. tough tough... so i shall continue.. perfecting it. the path leading to the house i am staying. its about 7pm now.. i am going to my friend, tashi's house for dinner tonite. everyday is a simple day.
ok thats it for today. have a relaxing evening ahead. hugs. talk soon!


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