Sunday, June 06, 2010

Kyurii Sale - Last chance!

hello girls good morning! as some of you might already know that we will be taking a break in the month of june, and originally it was planned on the 15th, but it has to be pushed forward (i think leekeng's baby cant wait to come out haha) to this thursday! so before we bid each other a temporary farewell, we are giving a huge promotion on top of the sale. buy 5 items at S$19 each! for this last 3 days. we need your cooperation, please make payment immediately after you purchased so that we can get to work rightaway. we only have 3 days to work. leekeng will be going into hospital on friday. please allow her some time to rest and not have to work till the minute she goes and deliver. haha.. we would greatly appreciate that all payment are made on the day of purchase. so that we are able to mail out all your items by thurs. thank you so much.

ok please stay tuned LAST 3 DAYS SALE at! oh i just realised they are up! ok! please go now! the latest promotion is already up! thanks! oops sorry i just realised i made a mistake. leekeng just informed me that it should be S$19.90 each. not S$19.


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