Monday, March 08, 2010

Kyurii This Week New Items!

hey girls, the temperature here suddenly drops. it is about maybe 17degree now. can you imagine just a few days ago it was nice and sunny. today its grey and cold... i was so looking forward to wearing the new items but i am in my hoodie and skinny jeans today plus a scarf.

i hope there is a little more light tomorrow.... then maybe i can wear this wrinkled shirt inside. i really like it. so girlish, i specially like the scooped collar. i think its nice with the skater skirt and add a light brown weaved leather belt over it plus strappy leather sandals. i like the combination of lilac, pink with denim plus some light brown leather. i am going to try it once the sun is out. or perhaps you can try it first and let me know if it works. hehe... i love this skirt! perfect summer weekend skirt for me. all year round. year after year. haha...
short sleeve cardigans, useful item to have in summer, sometimes you just want something over your shoulder (haha as an accessory to create some layering effect), or to be more practical over your strappy dress (when you dun feel like showing too much flesh).
i am so happy i found these 2, one in a light purple and one in light grey. it just feels so much comfortable to wear something of a lighter shade now. as compared to wearing a black cardigan over a light summery dress. : P
this light grey one you can wear it both sides, one side creates more of a waterfall (draping) effect. as seen in the photo below. oh! this is my favourite item this launch! you cant imagine how happy i am when i saw it. so sweet! sometimes i just feel like wearing something sweet and be really girlish. especially after my rather rough trip to nepal this time (i was sick twice), and being a hippie junkie for a month, i just want to be a girlish pampered princessy girl haha. dancing with the butterflies under the blue skies... haha.. can you girls feel the joy i felt in this shoot.. hee... unexplainable joy oozing out. dedicating this joy to all of you out there..
one more favourite! i just love the colours on this tee. soft colours, great colours to go with all denim items.
or with the grey tie waist harem. these soft colours will look great with any dark grey bottoms too. oh here's 2 more choices, try it with this deep purplish leggings!
or lace print one! i prefer the lace print one. personally. :P
oh this weekend dress, i wish i can show you the real thing. but each time i buy items with fine prints, i feel i am not doing justice to the item. even though i am sweating, but i feel so much cooler in this dress becos of the soft pastel colours. puts me in a relaxed mood under this heat! haha. try wearing this flowing dress with a belt! with a thin belt, wear it drop waist. with an one-inch belt, wear it at your waist. try it try it! i have a weaved leather belt which i am going to wear it with the minute the sun is out.
lastly please dont miss this pair of light denim shorts! MUST-HAVE in summer!
hm... duno what else to say about it, except to GET IT! hahaha.... OK! thats it for now. enjoy! WWW.KYURII.COM
love and light to all.... my last day in kathmandu 2 weeks ago... a pink and lilac evening.... candy floss clouds... so sweet! thank you.


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