Sunday, December 13, 2009

a few more weeks

let me share something with you.
i was reading a book 'commentaries on lives ' vol.3 by j.krishnamurti, my teacher's teacher on the roof this afternoon.
one paragraph resonates so strongly with what i am feeling at this moment.

''i am like the tree in winter, bare,
the branches naked against the blue sky,
but is beautiful in my nakedness.
i could wait with patience and certainty,
for the sun is upon me
and in a few weeks more,
i would be covered with tender green leaves.''
- j krishnamurti.

as i sat there on the roof,
under the blue blue sky,
surrounded by a few bare plants.
the last of a few frail leaves wavering
under the slightest breeze.
like them, i am with nothing now.
but yes, i could wait.
with patience and certainty.
for the sun shall be upon me
in a few more weeks.
and i would be shining.
once again.


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