Friday, December 11, 2009

beautiful day!

oh i love the sun! its uplifting. i took the 2:30pm ferry home and had my salad and mango juice on the outer deck, looking at the huge fluffy clouds. i feel really happy. i am easy to please. haha... there were quite a lot of tourists on the afternoon ferry. welcome to lamma! someone just did this graffiti. he or she added a number of new slogans around lately, there is one near the sea that said 'all you need is love' in his or her signature rainbow colour lettering.
i just feel like wearing a skirt today, like i did in my art school in shechen. oh i miss the place and the people so much. haha i like this photo, me besides my neighbour's plants.
0910-109 black cotton cardigan
OK! i want to go up to the roof and do laundry now. oh i am so happy!
and also thanks roni, for the present. its really nice even though i am not a ring person, i am wearing it now. haha to be honest, i am quite surprised to receive a ring from my girlfriend... first time i have a ring as a gift. but she said dun worry, she said she is not asking me to marry her! hahaha but i know she loves me deeply. how sweet. thank you.
also thank you iris, for the lovely photo frame. so many presents. so nice.
sorry i forgot there is one more item that i wore today.
B062-509 basic strappy tank tops i think the magenta one i wore is sold out. check out the other colours. they are like my best friends. wear them all year round, and i like the material, its nice cotton.


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