Wednesday, December 16, 2009

freaking cold day

today becos of my vanity, i suffer physical suffering of cold. haha... i was in that 'die die also i must wear my new hoodie' mood knowing that it might not be enough for the 14 degree today. this is taken in the morning on my way out to the ferry. before getting on the ferry. i was thinking 'chey its not very cold ma.. i am glad i wore this jumper! hehe..' i even wore it unzipped to show off the colourful rose print tee. well that is all before i got onto the ferry.. the minute i got onto the ferry. OMG! the wind is freaking strong... i was so freaking cold i had it zipped up all the way (even till now i am here typing it is still zipped up). when i am back in lamma, i had to go up to my house to change into my running shoes and then go downhill again to buy food for the cats. this is taken half an hour ago. i am still sneezing now. i need to make a hot cup of tea....
but still i dun regret wearing my new hoodie out today. also i could have worn jeans but becos of my vanity plus a mind dominated solely by aesthetic reasoning, i am convinced that the whole look will be much better carried out with this pair of patchy legging, in terms of colour and silhouette. but in terms of practicality, it fails badly. haha! you know i actually wore two pairs of legging today but still my legs feel cold. there is a black one underneath.

p.s. i just saw the forecast for tomorrow, 12 degree! actually i can also tell the weather by the way the cats sleep. if all of them sleep together like this, then it indicates temperature has dropped and will continue to drop significantly. haha becos you will never catch tessy (the ginger one) sleeping this close with the youngest black kitty. for some unknown reasons, he doesnt really fancy her. so when such rare phenomenon occurs, i should be smart and put vanity aside and put more clothes on.
ooh i want to snuggle down into these 3 warm balls of fur! oh my black kitty looks so flat, like a cut-ouy in the photo, you cant tell which is her head which is her 'pat pat'.... haha....


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