Tuesday, December 15, 2009

have a beautiful week!

good morning!!! i hope you are all enjoying this week's NEW ARRIVALS! i hope the uplifting energy i felt is transferred to the clothes and therefore to you when you wear them! easier for songwriters to do it through songs, i hope we can do it through clothes. haha..

in this everyday living we are in, sometimes it can get a little grey, dull, monotonous, somehow difficult to find a little light, laughter and inspiration. we hope through kyurii, we are able to bring a little of that warm, genuine innocence to you. in fact, that which we all already have inside each one of us. the light inside our hearts which is our true source of inspiration and energy. let it shine out again! to yourself, to people you know, to people you dunno. and see how in an amazing way that love is manifested and reflected back to you.

have a beautiful beautiful day everyone! love you all!


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