Monday, December 14, 2009

Kyurii Preview!!!!!

spring is not here yet but deep inside, my heart is feeling it! the flowers blooming, the sky is a bright cloudless blue, and the trees are adorned with fresh new leaves. the little sentient beings in contemplation will soon be awakened from their winter sleep. i really had fun shooting these yesterday. you know i used to be an art director and in my years at work, we are trained to art direct, which sometimes lead to over-art directing. this year especially i have leant to just allow things to be the way they are. and beauty is within the natural.

in the past, i think i would rearrange the plants, maybe the chairs, and everything else to make it 'art directed' and arrange them beforehand, but now, i learnt to just let them be and work spontaneously. everything are as they are. the chairs are where they are, the dried leaves are where they are. nothing is deliberately arranged. and of coz, my very tough camera sits wherever he feels like sitting.. and my hair is wherever she feels like being. the energy is so much more alive!

ok let me go continue the work. you girls have a lovely week! you are good just as you are. as good as everyone else. love ourselves! be proud of ourselves!


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