Monday, December 14, 2009

happy birthday buddy!

hey girls, its leekeng's birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! thank you so much for being my best friend for so many years! may your heart be filled with joy and peace on this special day, like every other day in your life. your present is on its way..... : )

here is a song for you first. you know i am so happy that after so many years, we are still together. haha.. who would ever thought that we would end up working together when we were sitting there in history class listening to mrs quintal. i think working on kyurii for the past 3 years, must be one of the happiest times in my life even though it has proven to be tough. thank you, buddy for your constant support. oh i am getting emotional listening to the song....

thank you for this precious friendship. it must be my good fortune to meet you in this life.

p.s. hey buddy, who sang the second part? 劉瑞政? that voice is quite unique ar.. haha.. shit is this song revealing our age?!?! haha...


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