Sunday, August 08, 2010

right intention right actions

hello girls hows your weekend? mine has been busy so far, meeting up with friends who have been so supportive of my mala project. i just called Asha (my tibetan homestay sister from the states who is still in nepal now) to share with her and to convey the message to Acha-la. i feel really happy to be able to start this project so quickly.. i remember last month i was still looking at the unstrung beads and stones lying in my room, working on them on the last 2 sundays before i leave.... and now they are actually made! and we are actually selling them. it once again shows me that if you put your heart to something, naturally (and magically) things start to happen without having to worry too much about it. the whole process was so smooth and fun... its really as if the whole world is conspiring to make it happen for you. but personally i feel, the magic lies in having the right intention. in buddhism, we are always reminded the importance of setting the right intention and generate the right motivation for every action we take. like i mentioned in facebook, i wish to continue this mala project for at least the next 6 years. it is my personal wish for Acha-la to work in the comfort of her house making malas instead of having to sell street food like now. The biggest reason being, when Acha-la is out selling food, 6 yo miss tenzin yangkyi also stays out on the streets playing after school becos there is no one else at home (and no such thing as childcare or domestic helpers). its so difficult for Acha-la to keep an eye on her as well as taking care of her food business. and miss tenzin yangkyi being miss overly smart (as her uncle calls her) can be really naughty at times, running around and sometimes running a little too far from her mother's sight. and when i see the taxis and bikes (and cows roaming) around, sometimes i get really worried. so it would be good if Acha-la works from home and miss tenzin yangkyi can go home straight after school at 4pm, instead of being out on the streets till 8pm.
therefore, i hope this mala project will be blessed by all the buddhas and be a steady success as it grows. : )

''If we can relate to others on the basis of equa¬nimity, our compassion will not depend on the fact that so and so is my husband, my wife, my relative, my friend. Rather, a feeling of closeness toward all others can be developed based on the simple recognition that, just like myself, all wish to be happy and to avoid suffering. In other words, we will start to relate to others on the basis of their sentient nature.'' - HH The 14th Dalai Lama.

also, thank you girls for browsing through my second hand accessories! i am very happy that they are going out to KYURII customers. there are only 11 items left today! i just checked. go before they are gone! things are moving really quickly.........


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