Monday, May 10, 2010

hahahahaha preview preview!!!

why so fat?! but still, my b&W cat looks so cute. i already tried to elongate the photo a little to make both us look a bit thinner but still, his tummy.... aw... he looks so sweet (check out his tail, its always nicely twirled round his legs whenever he sits. haha)

OK GIRLS! new belts and dresses fit for work all coming up tomorrow morning! i will be posting more preview as i go along tonite. i hope everyone is doing well on this rainy monday, i think both in hk and singapore. stay tuned...

p.s. to meifang, ok i put credit for you la.. even though poor thing, you are in shanghai you cant get onto blogger. hopefully you can get some freelance as a fashion photographer ar.. hahaha. but seriously thank you so much for taking the time to shoot for me, it makes my job so much easier. i didnt know you actually captured this pose. i think i only did it for a sec. you are quick, sharp and fantastic. pls fly over and help us again whenever you are free (even though we cant affford your fees, but i can make you another painting. then when i become a famous thangka painter in the far future, oh.. you never know.. hehe... good deal yah)
p.s. he actually remained on the table throughout the shoot, sleeping haha... with the black at underneath.


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