Friday, May 07, 2010

i would like to go back to school soon!

hello girls, how are you tonite? i just got home. have been taking the 11:30pm ferry back for the past 2 nights, tomorrow is the last day of the 3 day public talk on 'spiritual values in our modern world' i have been attending. it has been most inspiring. i learnt a lot.

oh you know.. i originally planned to go back to nepal end of may to find a place to rent and then start school in june. stay till july. come back to hk for a month in aug. and then go back again in sep and oct. but becos of the maoist protest that is going on now, i might have to delay my trip. woah... i spoke to some of my school mates to find out about the situation there. the protest that start may 1st is on for an indefinite period. WOAH! many roads are blocked. shops are closed. most of my friends are staying within the monastery, not going out. the protestors are messing around right in town. WOAH WOAH WOAH! my hand is so itchy.. i really feel like drawing, in school everyday 8 to 4pm, without distraction. well, i really hope that everything will end in peace and soon. i hope to be there by mid june. becos i am worried i will fail my exam next mar. i need to accumulate at least 5-6 mths of class hours to sit for exam (for foreigners becos of visa problems, we are allow to do so) and we must be extra diligent and a little talent does help (hehe..) most of my tibetan classmates have 10 mths of school per year. till now, i have only learnt leaf, bud, lotus, cloud and fire. but we are tested on the buddha and tara (female buddha) head. AH!!!!!! but i know i can do it. hee.. this weekend, i really want to get down and draw. i just gave my no. 6 lotus to meifang, my good friend who just visited me. i counted altogether, i drew 7 lotuses as gifts for friends. this is the 7th lotus i painted for HH Ogyen Trinley Dorje 17th Karmapa. i am so fortunate to be able to give it to him personally and i was told he really likes it. it makes me want to study thangka diligently. sometimes when i think about it, how this for fun thangka class thing is transforming into something much more serious now. when i first started learning, i never thought of taking exam and completing the 6 years. but now as i watch how things unfold in the most spontaneous and natural way, it seems to be taking this direction. and i will always remember what Tai Situ Rinpoche told me, 'when you start something, you finish it.' he had spoken right into my heart. i bought some lotus. kim and i in front of the school monastery, shechen monastery. we must be monks or nuns or tibetans in our past lives. for every one month of city life, i would long to be back for 2 months. haha.. i was back last month 18th, its about time. haha..


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