Sunday, March 07, 2010

my new project at no.124 tai ping old village

i am so excited about my new project - decorating edwina's house which is going to be my new place. haha it is on the ground floor but elevated which is great! more privacy but yet surrounded by plants and trees with a lovely patio all around it. instead of a rooftop, i am looking to painting there at the patio! i am going to move all my plants over. the living is room is going to be left as minimal as possible to be a yoga space (it has 2 walls painted a milky yellow and the other 2 walls left white). my friend teaches yoga every saturday morning to her friends. i am thinking to turn a corner of it into a relaxing area with futons and cushions (with my bookshelf filled with spiritual books! it would be a nice little space for her students to have some drinks and relax after class). i am going to recycle my stuff but the colour scheme would be different this time. instead of the red in my current place, i visualise the new place to be it a bit raw, wood colour, white, beige, plants green with yellow. yes! loving it..

but oh did i tell you that my new bedroom has pink walls!?!!? haha.. barbie pink to be exact. how lovely! my childhood dream finally came true!! how lucky i am. haha... i think it will give me a lot of sweet dreams. this pink! oh i love this photo of His Holiness! the house has 3 rooms. the other 2 rooms has lilac walls and lime green walls. haha.. my friend specially painted them. haha.. i told her i have to paint a big 'pema' lotus for her in the living 'yoga' room for her (when i feel confident) haha... oh it would be nice to bring in some plants into the living space. i know a place that sells some very real looking fake vines. hehe.. i am so into photo frames and framing things lately. since tele brought me to the very good frame shop at central, i am thinking of framing so many things!! haha... when we were in nepal, kim gave me a 8R photo of her exam thangka as a gift. i got it framed last week and intend to give it back to her as a present (as the final exam pieces will not be returned to the students so i think it would be nice for her to have it) oh i cant wait to collect it! i have so many little projects i want to do.. i want to paint a huge soft pink pema (maybe about poster size and get it framed in a golden frame!).
then i also want to see if i can nail some planks of wood together to make a low coffee table. but for now, the most urgent thing is to get this house packed! by last week of mar. haha... oh and i also need to go collect some wine crates again...
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oops i just remembered one more thing to do, i need to go paint the doors white at the new place. its a busy busy month for me! lots to get done besides the buying, shooting and layout-ing plus a couple of farewell parties to my 'club81' house.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

its amazing how in the land-scarce hongkong u can find such amazing accommodation, both the lamma house and this one! sounds like a really exciting month, have fun! :) laysee

March 09, 2010 3:35 AM  
Blogger Suyin @ said...

thanks laysee! you have fun too!
: )

March 11, 2010 11:25 AM  

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