Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Kyurii What I Wear Today!

oops sorry girls, this green one is sold out. please check out the mustard or dark blue ones! on a simple day, i love a simple dress like this. thanks hoiming, for taking this photo for me. i like it a lot.

today i decide to catch up with all my friends working in central haha. i had lunch with tele and edwina (whose flat i am moving into) and then supposed to meet tak but he wasnt at work today, so i had a 2 hr break in between. i decide to treat myself to foot massage and then went to hoiming's new workshop office. we havent seen each other for sooooo long. really miss her.. she used to be my ex-colleague, we are all art directors. but now she is also doing her own little business. she has her own brand of handmade leather bags. i remember we used to ask her to teach us how to make namecard holders in the office! haha.. this is baldwin and hoiming. husband and wife team, in front of some of her pieces from the past collections.
those who are like leather bags and stuff, you may like to visit her website www.hoiming.net . to our friends in hk who are interested to learn how to make a little leather wallet for yourself, please visit www.fungusworkshop.com to find out more! i like the monkey! haha
i am so happy for hoiming at the opening of her new workshop. i know she is working so hard. today we shared with each other the 'stress' of having our business. we both agreed that no matter how tough it is, there is no way we will go back to advertising (no matter how much they pay. haha). freedom to do what we love to do, is also priceless. and i feel doing my own thing is a great way to find out how capable we truly are and can be. haha.. becos becos being our own boss, we have to do everything. when we do not know how to do something, we need to find it out and do it. it really suits my character. i feel so much more lively and energetic when i work for myself.
oh i am so happy for my ex-advertising friends who now have their own businesses. the other ex-art director is wanmie, she has her own card design company goldfish creative i am so happy for all of us.

i hope this post is a great inspiration for those who are thinking of starting their own little business. i would like to say 'do not underestimate yourself'. we are all capable of much much more than we ever could imagine! have no fear! the biggest fear is taking that very first step, but trust me, that initial fear will soon pass. then gradually you realise you can see everything in life as an ongoing learning process. when good happens, you learn something. when bad happens, you also learn something. no big deal. you will come to see that things come and go. at the end of the day, everything passes. both good and bad. so no fear. relax, SMILE and have fun!

today as i was walking to the ferry, i felt this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. when i am in nepal, i love it there. when i am in hong kong, i love it here. when i paint, i love painting. when i work on kyurii, i love working on kyurii. when i am with the monks and my tibetan friends, i am happy. when i am with my hk friends, i am also happy. i have learnt to fully appreciate being in the NOW, to be in total harmony with life, just as it is. its the most wonderful and liberating feeling.

p.s. to bella, just to let you know i got your message. thank you. i am proud of your decision. you will be hearing from me soon. sorry for this delay in acknowledging your email. hugs! : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very inspiring & encouraging post Suyin.
love ur travel tales too!


March 03, 2010 9:46 AM  
Blogger Suyin @ Kyurii.com said...

hello laysee!

thank you, i am glad you enjoy it.
wishing the best for you.

suyin : )

March 03, 2010 10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is the first bag , on top of the mirror on sale?


cant find it from online

March 04, 2010 5:36 PM  
Blogger Suyin @ Kyurii.com said...

hi there,

i have to check with hoiming when she is back in hk next week. would you leave us with your email then i will get back to you.

thank you for your comment. have a nice day!
suyin : )

March 04, 2010 6:01 PM  

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