Thursday, March 04, 2010

some items we like! a few pcs left....

1228-209 tie sleeve top
1233-009 wetlook legging
1232-209 printed stretchable top
1229-009 studded pocket pants
it looks like its going to rain anytime.. its been so stuffy lately. and they told me next week the temperature is going to drop to 12degree. now it feels like 25degree. crazy weather. i think we should all drink more water and make sure we eat fruits everyday. so many people fall sick. please take care everyone.
B064-309 basic oversized top
0107-010 ruffle top
0106-010 draping sides skirt
1108-109 striped cotton top
0111-010 studded skinny
1206-009 lace front blouse
0103-110 embroidery top
1225-009 printed scarf top
1218-009 zip up hoodie
KYU002-009 kyurii label tiered ruffle cardigan
1216-009 patchy print legging
0111-010 studded skinny
ok girls, have fun!


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