Friday, March 05, 2010

Kyurii What I Wear Today!

today i stopped over at central for lunch with tak and tele. hahaha.... i am the spiritual 'hippie junkie' and he is the techno 'iphone/playstation junkie'! he is the central boy and i am the lamma girl. today i realised one thing that drives me mad. that is, when people taking out their handphones and blackberries and start laying them on the table during lunch or dinner (or tea). today on the already overcrowded table, with all the dishes and glasses and the coconut i ordered, we also have an iphone and a blackberry sitting at the corner (literally eating our lives away!!!). ah!!

i understand that its probably becos the guys do not carry bags, they have their gadgets in their pockets and its uncomfortable when they sit. well, that leads to another question, why do people carry so much gadgets these days? ah... i am not against technology (i still love to blog) but i just feel if we do not keep things in balance, it will eventually destroy our lives. we already have so much trouble communicating with each other. we are gradually losing our basic human touch (without us even noticing it), our innate ability to give each other love and attention... oh no.. i am getting into my spiritual talk.. haha...

yes lets try to meditate more! silence has a voice. dont be afraid to sit with yourself and listen. you will come to realise what it is you really need to be giving to yourself. maybe its to be more gentle with yourself, or a little more space or maybe to be a little more relaxed with things. ok i think i need to re-phrase it, the thing that drives me mad is not when they put their phones on the table, its when they constantly glance at their phones to see if there is any messages while they are eating or worse, when you are in the middle of a conversation with them. or worse worse worse, halfway through the conversation, they suddenly tell you 'oh hang on, let me update my status on facebook - 'yummy! having the best papaya salad at xxx restaurant with suyin now but the tom yum soup sucks!' AH!!!!! that pisses me off big time! i used to be a victim of facebook.

there is a cynical joke among some of my friends about facebook. imagine your boyfriend has just broken up with you, so sad so sad. all the nasty words he said kept repeating in your mind, you are holding back your tears as you head home.. finally you reached home with no one around, you sat down and are about to burst into tears when suddenly you remembered one thing!! one very important thing! 'oh wait, i need to go update my status on facebook first!'. then miraculously time seems to come to a standstill. at this moment, you forget your tears, your sadness and you typed.... 'today is the saddest day of my life.' ok done! then everything comes flowing back. ok now, i can continue.. oh wait what was i supposed to be doing? oh yes i broke up with my boyfriend.. then.. oh yes! i was about to cry. ok i can cry now. haha.. isnt this what is happening in our lives?!?! anyway.

i love what i am wearing today! simple and really comfortable. the nepalese harem is great for this stuffy weather (it feels really airy! haha). oh thanks tele, for taking the photo for me. hee...

we still have a few pieces left from this trip (going fast). if you like them too, please go to SPECIAL NEPALESE HAREMS on KYURII.COM to get it! comes in both black and grey! you may also like to match the harems with the NEW! white basic cotton top. i think it will look good too! comes in 3 more colours: black, red (last piece!) and khaki (also last piece!) i quite like the grey harem with red top combination and the black harem would go nicely with the khaki top! heehee..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Suyin, abt the facebook thing- i totally agree with you!
- nat

March 06, 2010 11:22 AM  

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