Monday, March 01, 2010

NEW IN this week!

hello girls! i hope you girls are enjoying this weeks items. i cannot tell you how happy i feel to see my friends modelling in the photos. i am sure you do too! after seeing myself in the photos for almost 3 years, i think some of you are also getting sick of seeing my face! hahaa.

this lovely heart shaped dress. we wanted it to be a cute little valentines dress but sorry, we are a little late. hope you like it too now. love is not only expressed on valentines day right! hee... this weaved neckline top, or dress. you can wear it belted with strappy sandals. keep it simple and chic!
this simple blouse is selling fast! something thats easy to match with almost anything and definitely something you can wear all year round! year after year. so dont miss!
a slouchy hoodie for all hoodie-lovers out there. you may also match it with a pair of sleek slim leggings to play up the contrast of the volumy upper half against a well-defined lower half.
also try this top with lace print legging . i think it would be really cool. or wear it belted with black legging for a sleek all black look! if i am still working as an ACD in advertising, this would definitely be one of my most common work outfits. haha.. advertising people are always in black.. haa..
haha this pair of pants would also be my favourite work wear item i bet. haha... great for making a pitch presentation in!

oh please also dont miss this pair of paint splash skinnies! i love it! they just help to make your overall look so much more interesting. after some time, the 'plain skinnies with tank top' look get really boring, try something different! this pair spices things up a little. sometimes when we dress a little out of our usual preference or comfort zone, we feel a little more interesting, dont you feel so? i do. well, inititally we might feel a little scared or worried what others might think or say but it will pass (becos soon people will stop making the comments and move on to the next 'gossip' topic. haha thats just how human beings are right! haha). whenever we do something different, we feel so much more alive, inspired and courageous! lets start with wearing something different and allow this aliveness to translate to the other areas in our lives. i am smiling now.. as i type! haha.. i can feel you smiling too!!! are you? haha hugs.

p.s. oh i am so very grateful to have a bunch of wonderful friends around me who are always so ready to give me their support whenever i need help. this is the best and most valuable gift that hong kong has given me this 10 years (i just realised its been 10 years for me in hk, i arrived here 2000) these wonderful wonderful friendships! invaluable! priceless. when you really think about what makes living a joy and meaningful, are in fact, these intangible things that money cannot buy. genuine concern towards one another, taking the extra effort to be attentive to the other, being aware of others besides ourselves, being kind and gentle. its really this simple.

thank you to all my close friends in hong kong. its my great fortune to know you all. big hug to you all.


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