Thursday, March 04, 2010

Kyurii Preview! and Pre-order!

hi girls! here is the preview for our new denim collection coming up next monday! oh i really hope you like it! i love them myself! i really like the colour combination of pale pink or lilac with denim (and this is the colour scheme for the coming new spring launch next week!) oh i just want to share the denim collection with you first. we are taking pre-orders for this 2 items first as the stocks are moving really quickly over here!
0303-010 bleach denim hotpants available in:
small size - waist 24 - 25 inch. UK size 8 (with small hips, i am wearing the small size here)
medium size - waist 26-28 inch. for UK size 10-12
0305-010 light faded denim skater skirt available in:
mdeium size - waist 24 - 26 inch. UK size 8-10 (i am wearing the medium size here)

we are not updating these items on the website yet so please email leekeng to pre-order! i will be making a buying trip tomorrow afternoon! fingers crossed. thank you!


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