Friday, January 15, 2010

haiti earthquake

''Across the sprawling, hilly city, people milled about in open areas, hopeful for help, sometimes setting up camps amid piles of salvaged goods, including food scavenged from the rubble. Small groups by roadsides could be seen burying dead. Other dust-covered bodies were being dragged down streets, toward hospitals where relatives hoped to leave them. Countless remained unburied, stacked up, children's bodies lying atop mothers, tiny feet poking from blankets....
There is no other way to get provisions," American Red Cross representative Matt Marek said of the store looting. "Even if you have money, those resources are going to be exhausted in a few days...

Here and there, small tragedies unfolded. In the Petionville suburb, friends held back Kettely Clerge — "I want to see her," she sobbed — as neighbors with bare hands tried to dig out her 9-year-old goddaughter, Harryssa Keem Clerge, pleading for rescue, from beneath their home's rubble.
"There's no police, there's nobody," the hopeless godmother cried. By day's end, the girl was dead.'' read more

hey girls, there is something we can all do for the people of haiti. natural disaster is something that never fails to let us know that security cannot come from the external, not your bank account, house, husband, family. death can happen anytime and when it comes, it can take away everything without any reason, any further explanation, or warning sometimes. everything in life is impermanence. this is a fact. even though most of the times, we think the things we are enjoying now is and will be with us forever. that is not true. the good side of it is, the things we are suffering from now, will also not be with us forever.

besides merely being concerned only with our own 'problems', let there be space in our hearts and minds to be aware of whats happening around us in our environment and our fellow human beings. when we broaden the way we look at things, everything seems so much easier and lighter.

we can all do a little something for the people of haiti. say a prayer, spread the word, or donate. see how you can help here.

have a good and meaningful weekend. i am going to start work now.

p.s. tonite when we lay on our comfortable bed getting ready for bed, lets dedicate a minute and say a little prayer for the people of haiti.

''we should pray that this kind of natural and man-made disaster never happen again in this world or in any universe. we must pray that the thousands of people who lost their lives this time in Haiti, find peace and that those who are still in midst of being rescued or who are still trapped be saved and reunited with their families and loved ones.''
- Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa.


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