Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kyurii Basic Preview!!!!!

hey girls, the empire dress which we launched last week had very good response! B066-109 dark blue is completely sold out. sorry we cannot get any more in. however i got other colours in on my last buying trip. i am not sure if you like them as much as the dark blue one. i hope you do! take a look!
please email leekeng to order them first if you really like it! we plan to launch them sometime tomorrow! stay tuned on the blog for the latest uploading time.

p.s did you notice anything different with my hair? haha.. i finally went to trim my hair last friday! after more than a year! it was at my waist the longest i ever had. and it gets entangled quite easily so i had to go. haha.. the hairdresser is shocked. haha... i allowed her to trim off slightly more than an inch and to layer it slightly to give it some shape.

oh i nearly forget this other item. some of you have asked me about the black open heel legging i sometimes wear. here it is! we got it in for you. it is of very good cotton, totally opaque black. email leekeng for orders! thank you!


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