Sunday, January 17, 2010

danger dog!

hey girls! how are you? i am happily working hard this weekend before i leave. sun is out, bright and friendly! i just went down to get some lunch. omg! so many tourists as well as the local visiting. i have to practise having patience becos they are all walking so slowly blocking my way! the walkway is already so narrow here. haha...

8 more days and i am off. suddenly the time just speeds up, i am so excited to see the beautiful repainted shechen monastery and the new green tara gompa and of coz, to be back in school. i am so happy. tashi from shechen guest house emailed me that a room has been reserved for me from 26th to 11th feb. yes! they are so fully booked. then from 11th onwards, i will move to dragon guesthouse (also run by tibetans) which is a stone throw away.

i was searching for some images of dragon and found them on nepal dog's blog and from there, i discovered her 'fair trade folk art' website nepal those who are interested to have a portrait of your dog painted on metal to hang outside your flat, must check it out!
or other pets! no problem!

oh this is yet another inspiration for me! i feel so happy. this western lady started this 'danger dog' project to keep the nepalese artists' dignity (keeping art as a viable profession in this digital age) and to find work for them. this is so true..

remember the times where movie posters were all painted... this trip to nepal i must appreciate all these paintings more.

''sometimes people want 'outsider artists' to be crazy, unhappy and destitute - isolates. i want these nepali signboard artists to be happy, healthy and to strive - their kids to go to good schools.'' - nepal
see more photos here.

i am truly inspired. thank you danger dog! nepal seems to attract so many interesting people. so many people i meet there and some who became friends, they are living their dreams (including myself) and when you live your dream, there is a glow around you. and there seems to be extra liveliness to your entire being. haha.. well thats what i feel. oh i hope this energy is passed on from one to the other. let us lead inspiring and meaningful lives. other than just limiting our energy and passion to our family and loved ones, maybe there is something bigger which you feel deeply for, something with a bigger cause. with our precious time this life, let us try to truly bring about benefit to other human beings. making a difference in their lives and putting meaning into ours.

oh i believe i am about to step on a journey like that. love to all....


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