Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kyurii Backorders!

hello girls! i feel so energised today! the weather is really wierd. yesterday is cold and rainy, i had to have my lights on in the afternoon. but today its all bright and sunny. i am so happy! i can feel the birds are happy too.. they are flying about. i havent heard much from them last few days you know. and the cats are running around, chasing each other. their toys all over the place. yesterday they slept all day.

ok kyurii backorder updates!
backorder is available for 0104-010 ruffle front chiffon blouse. i am going down tomorrow to get them. let us know soon, preferably by tonite. as we hope to freight off the items in 2 days time.

please also email leekeng if you would like to reserve 0102-110 printed chiffon dress in green. its currently out of stock.
looking at the items, i wish i can wear them here... anyway. i am going to hike for a bit later. waiting for margie to call. oh i can hear the retired couple living at the ground floor in the house next to mine singing karaoke again. still trying to perfect the same old songs. hehe...

oh i really appreciate the sun! today is one of those days where i feel everything is as good as it is right now. 13 more days!! and i will be in nepal. i want to start packing! this time i must bring a hot water bottle. it will be very cold...


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