Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kyurii More Backorders!

on my buying trip yesterday, i noticed that this very popular feather print top is back for another round. so we are also going one more round. please dont miss it!
and then i grabbed the last remaining pieces of this ruffle front one-piece. you girls should listen to my tone of voice when i was on the phone with leekeng yesterday. very 'kan cheong' one second slower, and it could be taken by someone else. haha.. crazy duno why there were so many people around yesterday. instantly i felt 'OK! YES! i am in hong kong! CHEONG AR!' singapore always feels much sleepier and slower as compared.. haha.
these chains in front can be removed i think some of you already know that. please check it out!
and this cute little sequin vest, i think i mentioned about backorder for this before, i cant remember.. anyway. here it is again! when you feel like being a little more casual-glamourous, you may like to wear it over the above grey chain tank top plus the black skinnies. cool. i love it.


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