Tuesday, September 01, 2009

thank you sun

hello girls, how are you? today i went straight on a buying trip! i have so much stuff i need to complete before my long break next month. dun worry, we have many things planned for you. which is why this month is very vital to me. i have tp repare a lot of stuff in advance. my workload has doubled and my activities also seem to have doubled. i have 2 kirtans to attend (usually there is only one in a month), i usually only have one meditation place to go to every tues nite, margie just told me another zen place which we should check out. but its nice. i feel very fruitful every day.
today after buying, i rush to take the 4:30pm ferry with margie. then run some errands then went to watch the lamma sunset which i so dearly miss. the sun was round and gleaming while the rest of the sky around was cloudy. as if he knows i needed to see him. he stayed that way for us for a brief but long enough moment, and then disappeared behind the clouds.


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