Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kyurii Inner Wear backorder!

hey girls! we got extra stocks for this inner dress with lace trim. many of you didnt manage to get it when it was first launched. you might want to get it now. we wore it here with these 2 white dresses.

also this bra/tube top, black colour is back in stock!
i personally like to wear it under oversized or sheer tops, and also when i want to do the off-shoulder look (like these items shown below). it just looks nicer to have a simple bra/tube top underneath than the normal bra with those typical bra straps.
we also got in grey colour! just in case white is too white for your white top and and black is too dark for lighter tops. haha... also becos i dun like nude colour inner wear. see them all under BACKORDERS ITEMS at KYURII.COM now! enjoy!! thank you girls and have a great week ahead!


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