Thursday, September 17, 2009

'i hope life, in everyway, is treating you wonderfully.'

hey girls! leekeng just forwarded me a couple of your emails (thanks everyone who bought something). i am so happy that many of you are loving the new stuff both this week and last week. tomorrow i will go out and see if i can get the backorders and then i plan to clean up my roof after the storm and decorate. my 9 pots of plants have arrived today! oh i am excited to show you my mini banana tree! oh i need to tidy up the house also becos there is a kirtan (yoga for the heart, its a chanting session where we just open up our hearts and sing to nature, sing to ourselves, sing to each other) going on at my house this sunday. this is great motivation for me to clean up. hahaha.... i hope its perfect weather this sunday, no rain not too much sun (definitely no typhoon please). the birds and the butterflies can all welcome to come and sing along with us at the roof.

just saw this photo from 'the selby'. this is in tokyo. i love it. i love the relaxed and casual-ness of the rows of plants. i love that things do not have to be forcefully or deliberately matched. there is an ease when things are left on its own. i am really loving this feeling of easiness and authenticity.
i can feel my desire arising to collect plants. oh not very good not very good...

oh today i saw so many fallen trees (from the storm), i really feel like dragging a log back home.. it will look so nice on the roof. raw and rustic. but you need to treat it so that termites wont start making their nests there.. so think twice, i better leave them alone. haha... or maybe i should go round collecting milk cartons tomorrow.. i like them. it would also be nice if i can find an old rattan chair.


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