Wednesday, September 16, 2009

bye kuppo bye!

hey girls, kuppo the no.8 typhoon who was here 2 days ago scared the shit out of me. haha i am serious. it was a direct hit to the outlying islands. the wind is so strong it ripped the roof canvas apart.. i couldnt sleep nor eat the whole time.. and it bloody went on relentlessly for 16 hours. longest typhoon i had ever experienced.

the howling of the wind sounded terrifying. i could feel the house shook for a couple of times.. at first i thought i was imagining it but it came again. i was thinking if i need to hide under the dining table. haha like in an earthquake. and also, first time i heard the wind whistling.. it was loud. i always read it from books, 'the wind whistled...' shit it really sounded like someone whistling in the house.

i am terrified of the sound of the flapping of the torn canvas and the metal structure shaking.. give me the creeps.. and i could hear the sound of falling objects all around the house, glass, pots... since 8pm i tried to chant to distract myself, then tried to read but i was consumed by my fear. haha.. holding onto my cats praying for it to go away soon. i was really tired but couldnt sleep. after many many many hours, i was so relieved to see the first light of dawn even though it was really faint, it was comforting. at around 6am i think it started to calm down, and i finally gave in to my exhaustion. i finally fell asleep until i received leekeng's call at around 9am i think asking for the stocklist. hahaha... quite a beautiful tear yeah..

the storm arranged the chairs. facing each other. how cool. i can hear them being dragged across the roof through the nite. creeps.. good thing they didnt go flying with the wind. so many trees had fallen luckily none hit the houses.
oh i am so glad its over! and please i hope this is the last typhoon no.8 for this year. there are too many this year, in some years there are none.

p.s. after this, today i decide to go to the flower market. plant therapy to calm my nerves. haha.. i bought a lot of plants. tomorrow the guys are helping me move them in. i am filling the space with warmth and life. i got a mini banana tree.


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