Wednesday, March 04, 2009

to the you inside

i was shooting and working whole day yesterday, and also been listening to the song over and over again. with the birds here chirping in the background, the music playing, the cats sleeping peacefully on the cushions (can't see the black one though) the flowers blooming everywhere, the whole house feels so peaceful. the energy soft but has a lot of inner strength. and i have a knowing feeling but i can't describe it. i feel so happy for you. seeing you work on it within that room that evening, and now its going out to the rest of the world. i feel so much joy myself. things are happening, i know. even though sometimes we can't see it as clearly as we would like to (just like the photo). you are well on your way.
and as you know it, everything is inside you. inside us. simple, real and true.


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