Tuesday, March 03, 2009

the little beauties

today i was shooting and i discovered! that another one of mary's very dried plants has blossomed!!!! i am so happy! i duno when it bloomed, but i remembered seeing the swollen bud a few days ago. what a surprise today! the tiny white flowers are revealed. oh i have to take a photo with them to welcome the arrival of spring! i remembered when i saw the house for the first time late nov last year, they were already very dry and dead looking. since i moved in 2 weeks ago, i only watered them whenever i remembered. honestly i didnt think they could make it. my friends were all making comments about the very dried plants in the photos i shot with the quilted bags. oh how could i have ever doubted them! i am glad they proved me wrong! they survived! and they are growing so well now. the strength for life. life is strength. and strength is life. isn't it. here's a close up of the little beauties.
this is the other one who bloomed earlier. the 4 pinkies. oh i feel like a proud mom to the plants now. i am going to miss seeing their progress as i am going back to singapore tomorrow.
then halfway shooting, i discovered that i have another little friend growing in the roof. today i learn from the plants that when there is a will to live, there will be life. there is no reason to fear. good economy, bad economy, as long as we have the will, we are all taken care of. see how tiny it is. oh besides the 3 cats, i have more responsibilities now. i have 11 plants to take care of, including the tiny wild one. celebration of life! yeah!


Anonymous T said...

even the smallest plant has a strong will to live, regardless of the enviroment it chooses to take root on. on the other hand, humans can seem so vulnerable and brittle, even though we might have everything. we seem to forget the simple joys in life, things that are around us if only we are aware. i am glad that you found joy today :)

March 03, 2009 10:58 PM  

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