Monday, December 29, 2008

i survived another year! : )

hello hello! beautiful day today! how are you all doing? have you girls browse through all our sale items? limited quantity left. i hope you manage to get what you like.
yes i am in the midst of preparing for the next launch and buying. oh i am in holiday mood and also in a contemplative mood actually. you know end of the year.. another year flew by... i am actually listing down my TOP 10 most memorable experience in 2008. ok girls, you should be expecting a small launch later this week!
p.s. YEAH I SURVIVED ANOTHER YEAR! survived with a smile. its my second year anniversary with kyurii full time, which means 2 years out of the advertising industry (without a single freelance job)! yippee! this has to be one of the things i am most proud of myself and of leekeng and i this year. i still remember when i was about to resign from my full time job december 2 years ago, i was so afraid coz it seems so difficult to survive without that job. haha i am glad i was proven wrong. so wrong! we all underestimate ourselves most of the time. you are beyond your imagination, beyond your thoughts. WAY BEYOND! looking back now, that was just one of the many fear in life we have to face. life is just one fear after another, one joy after another, then one upset after another (quote from ram dass). isnt it? everything will pass, it just come and go.... impermanence.
lets all continue to keep our hearts open and receive whatever comes our way (good and bad things as perceived by our minds) and trust that universe is taking care of us. have a great week ahead!


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