Tuesday, November 04, 2008

sunrise at nagarkot

tired, on the road again! i looked pissed. haha but i am not. this time its an hour ride from kathmandu to nargakot, which is renowned for its beautiful view of the sunrise over the snow peak mountains.
definitely worth a visit! book your hotel in advance, i didnt do so. and it was a friday and peak season. most hotels are fully booked. i was chaffuered around on the motorbike by a kind man, looking for hotels. (dun tell my mom i did that. this is the first time i am on a bike! and the winding mountain roads are kind of bumpy, thought i was about to fall off a couple of times! hehe) : P i was lucky. i got a single room at a very nice place, the unkai hotel. see the snow peak mountain range on my left. magical moment. the light the luminous blue.... this is about 5:45am.

i feel so close to the clouds. right above my head.
ok pack up! i stayed one nite there. its time to hit the road again!


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