Friday, October 31, 2008

kyurii online flea!

hello girls! yes, the new launch will be up sometime next week! sorry i cant give you the exact date yet as i have to take care of quite a number of stuff right now. (still stuck somewhere in the clouds up in the himalayas. haha.) i dun wan to make empty promises. i am getting back into routine. so stay tuned! for those who have not seen our flea items, please go now to KYURII FLEA MARKET at! brand new items at flea market prices, dont miss it.
p.s. to jh, hey got your message. miss you too! how are you doing? i heard that you joined pure for a year. hooked just like me? oh you know, i am going to try to be a vegetarian. today is my 21st day without meat. haha! next time i come back, lets go have some chinese vege meals. i miss singapore style vege bee hoon!

also stay tuned for more of my himalaya adventure, more photos coming up! hugs and kisses!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suyin! oh. good to hear that you found so much peace with yourself there. and yes, I can bring you and leekeng to a v famous vegetarian bee hoon (YUMMY) stall in holland village. Most imp-ly,I really enjoy/addicted to doing yoga. all those poses, breathing and stretching. *Cant wait for you to get back to sg. i believe leekeng and I have so much to tell you about yoga. haha. jh.

November 01, 2008 11:46 PM  

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