Tuesday, November 04, 2008

how is everyone?

hi girls how are you doing on a tuesday morning? to be honest, i am still in my post holiday mood. its been raining and grey here, yesterday and today. it feels nice to wake up to a cool, rainy day but it does put me in a lazy mood. how was your weekend? i spent sunday at lamma island with meifang and her taiwanese friend, they then stayed that nite before flying home. it was fun! they accompanied me to look at some apartments there. we saw this 3rd storey 2-room unit with a huge rooftop, overlooking the sea, where we can hold bbq party! its really nice! you can hear the waves and look at the stars and moon and probably catch a view of the sunrise. but its expensive! my lease is up at happy valley, am contemplating if i should move to somewhere nearer to nature or stay put in the city. it would be an experience to live in lamma island, where there are no cars, no buses, no mtr, no pollution.


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