Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Off to the himalayas!

i am all ready, mentally, physically. i want to share a paragraph that i really like from osho. it goes like this
"Existence is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived. And you should be perfectly aware what the difference is between a mystery and a problem. A problem is something created by the mind; a mystery is something which is there, not created by the mind. A problem has an ugliness in it, like disease. A mystery is beautiful. With a problem, immediately a fight arises. You have to solve it; something is wrong, you have to put it right; something is missing, you have to supply the missing link. With a mystery there is no question like that. The moon arises in the night.... It is not a problem, it is a mystery. You have to live with it. You have to dance with it. You have to sing with it, or you can be just silent with it. Something mysterious surrounds you."
i am ready to live the mystery. what about you? i hope you too. whatever anxiety, tension or fear you are having of the unknown, of what is ahead, just let it go. its tough but let us try. have complete trust that only the best will happen for you and for me. : )
OK! take care of yourself! you will be in my thoughts. please continue to stay tuned to kyurii through the website or facebook which leekeng will be managing.
hugs n kisses. spreading the love.


Blogger Wai Mun said...

You have my complete admiration...:)

October 08, 2008 1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi suyin, are you back yet? Thinking of you. jh.

October 24, 2008 5:47 PM  

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