Monday, October 06, 2008

2 more days....

hello girls, i know many of you have been wondering whether there will be any new launches since i will be away. the answer is YES! there will be one new launch and also one surprise in store for you in the month of october! please stay tuned! and watch out for any latest updates on our WHAT'S UP noticeboard at, as i am not bringing any technology with me this trip. for the intensive 10day purification days (i am taking a meditation course actually), i will not be able to blog, unless there is an internet bar within the monastery. hehe. oh i think I WILL MISS INTERACTING WITH YOU GIRLS! when i am out of the monastery, i will pop into one of the internet bars to say hello to you!
oh i am so excited to go look for some exotic accessories to bring back! and clash style it with the clothes! i hope i find some! yeah! my bro just found these for me from vogue! oh i should bring some clothes to shoot with me this trip. they did it at the andes, kyurii can do a himalayan version with the yaks (instead of the llamas)!! haha!
i love the striped drawstring bag!

just looking at these editorials, i feel so inspired, the colours are so bright! the spirit of adventure is in the air! venturing into the unknown! i am all geared up for the exotic clash look! my backpack is ready!
ok let me go work now! just got back from dinner with my gfs. i havent pack yet! and i am leaving tomorrow afternoon! haha..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Suyin,

waah so exciting! i mean everything!

the new launch..
the kyurii surprise..
ur trip - exotic locale and activities..
the fashion spreads!!! (please shoot(& bring back) something, it'll be an inspirational feast for us here!)..
& even the last minute packing..i love the adrenaline rush!!

Have a fabulous trip! =)

October 07, 2008 12:45 AM  

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