Wednesday, October 29, 2008

homestay in kathmandu

i stayed at my fren, mira's house for a week. it is call Imadol. its a typical nepalese house in a little community with a school nearby, police station, internet place and church. everyone knows everyone. i arrived late at nite, it was all dark. the family picked me up at the airport. when i woke up in the morning, i was so happy to see the 'Welcome' sign painted on the wall right opposite the house i stayed at. i felt at that moment this trip is going to be a very special one. and i have no fear at all. i was just all ready to live out the next 21 days with complete trust. i just put myself out there with existence, and watch as everyday different new experiences unfold. i did so many things i never thought of doing especially in a foreign country. every morning, the family make me a cup of fresh nepali milk tea. i love it!

the 'ping' (swing), only built during the big festival dashain in october. you see one in every village. i have to get on it!

the kids they just melt my heart, i only have to say 'ek dui tin' which means 1,2,3 in nepalese and take a shot of them with my camera. thats enough to make them laugh and smile. i was overwhelmed by their warmth, they just all crowding round me to see their photos.

nabina suggested i put on a sari and take photos. i was all up for it! first time in a sari! its amazing how they starting draping and within 1 minute, the piece of fabric is wrapped securely with 1 pin round my body. i feel so feminine in it. they said i look like a local nepalese. hahaha!
me in the more casual dress. cant remember what its called. but i love the pants! its a little baggy at the thighs and tapered at the ankle! i love the cutting! next time i must choose the fabric and get them made! then wear with tank tops. will be so cool!


Blogger Christine said...

looks like u had a wonderful trip! esp. with the welcome sign and happy kids, all looking so sweet! and that red pokadot dress looks v. minnie's (mickey mouse gf) dress...kakakaka....welcome back~

November 03, 2008 2:57 PM  

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