Tuesday, April 20, 2010

darling delhi!

after dharamsala, i flew to delhi and stayed 3 nites. they told me temperature will hit 49degree in june or july and every year many poor homeless people die of heat becos they have no shelters. the heat is already very intense at 42degree when i was there. very sad. off i go to geshe la for a very previldged private tuition on my favourite buddhist subject: 'emptiness' haha...usually there are many students in a group session so you dun get to ask all the questions you have.
i am so very excited to see my teacher again after 6 mths. i have many questions! all my books and notes, and of coz, kata ready! i need to learn from this indian lady, how to balance on a bike. everytime i am on a bike in nepal, i grabbed onto my friend the driver with my dear life, and wished my legs are somehow glued to the bike. i dun understand how the ladies do it and they are sitting sideway. i cant sit in that feminine way. even if i am in chupa, i will still not sit that way. haha.. oh they look so graceful when they sit like that, not like me. haha.. well maybe after 6 years, i would be able to do it.
oh it reminded me of one thing kim said, about the flies. you know in summer there are many flies in nepal and india. one day we had lunch at dharamsala, i realised she is totally immuned to flies. i was trying to wave around with my hand and could hardly eat in peace. on the other hand, she is enjoying her food as if the flies are not around. she will still eat or drink even when flies have rested on her food or drinks. she said i will probably be like her after a year in nepal. guaranteed. AH!!! scary thought. haha...
this is my daily breakfast in delhi. i am staying at majnu ka tila, the tibetan settlement area. so i have tibetan breakfast. teemo (tibetan bun with no fillings. they like to eat teemo instead of rice, with the dishes), tibetan butter tea (salty milk tea with butter) and chilli and salt. i am surprised i asked you eat teemo with chilli, they said yes. i tried. hm... not too bad. haha.. i like teemo. my very basic but comfortable room with AC! very important. but still at least 20 mosquitoes with me every day. i used up the bottle of 'off' repellent cream but no use at all. the mosquitoes in delhi are so slow moving, slower than those in lamma. i did not kill them on purpose, but i often kill accidentally by sitting on them. every morning i find a few dead on my bed, i must have squashed them during the night. they have very very slow reaction just like our local indian friends there, always so relaxed and laid back. you talked to them you need to wait like a few seconds before you get a response. delayed response haha.. and you always see people looking very sleepy. i think its due to the weather. i often walked into a shop with the shopkeeper sleeping. until i walked out, he is still sleeping. haha...
oh i also have a pigeon room mate. haha she is with me all 3 nites at the toilet window. i think its the same one. she would come back around the evening and then sleep. morning if i wake up at 6am i still see her.. i think she flies off around 7am then back again at night. haha and also mr. squirrel living next door. i am so lucky to capture this photo! haha.. anyway after receiving my teaching, i am very ready to go back to hong kong. to comfort. to lamma. to a clean environment. seeing the beggars and dirt and dust and harsh living environment really makes me feel we are so fortunate. we must make use of what we have to lead a meaningful life. traveling to and fro between a cosmopolitan city and a developing country is a good lesson to constantly remind me of being grateful for what i have. and to be diligent on my practise for the benefit of all beings. see you again in sep delhi! hopefully not too hot then.


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