Monday, April 19, 2010

Qinghai earthquake

''Death and impermanence is an integral part of life. When this kind of disaster strikes, may the power of the natural goodness within all of us provide physical and mental comfort and the courage to start anew.

When you are happy, dedicate that happiness to all beings,
so that happiness may pervade the sky.
When you suffer, you are bearing the suffering of all beings.
May the ocean of suffering become dry completely.

- 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje. 17Apr 2010.

we live not just being concerned with our own worldly needs and desires. that is small living. lets live big. lets try as best as we can (starting with small little ways) to think of the other before self. we are not always the most important person. lets take this opportunity to practise. lets pray with true compassion for the people affected in the qinghai earthquake. i met 2 tibetan friends this trip whose relatives are killed in the disaster. it is very sad.

we can pray like this written by HH the 17th karmapa (or in whichever way you feel). its more important to generate true compassion when praying, really feeling it, than the words you said in the prayers. lets try.

''May those who have died be freed from the bardo state of terror and suffering of such an unexpected death, and be reborn in the pure lands or a higher realm.
May the survivors who have undergone the suffering of loss of relatives and friends and the trauma of losing their homes be comforted and find relief.
May they receive the emergency help they need as soon as possible, and be able to rebuild their lives.''

we are extremely fortunate. arent we? love to all.


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