Monday, April 12, 2010

Some of my favourite pieces

Hello gals, this is Leekeng ! how are you on a Monday morning? Suyin is somewhere in India and i am sure she is enjoying the change of air and environment there.
These are a few of my personal favourite items that i'd like to share with you.
This splash paint one-piece goes really well with a pair of jeans! Perfect for a lazy weekend!

This side draping one-piece is Suyin's and my favourite. It's very japanese inspired and the quality is well-made and comfortable. You could also wear it with a pair of pants as work wear too as it does not look very casual actually.

I personally love this dress very much! It just makes one feel very happy when you wear it.

Another one-piece that i would love for a casual weekend or after work outing.

If you haven't checked them out in details, have a look at LAST LAUNCH now!
Have a happy and inspired week ahead!


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