Thursday, April 08, 2010

thank you mingyur rinpoche

good morning girls! rush rush rush.. haha.. i worked till 4am last nite (well actually i was painting a lotus for teacher so very last minute becos of so much work and activities going on) but i was feeling really peaceful and happy. attentive to each moment. how are you doing? i went off to the post office, then had brunch at green cottage, met mare, the cat sitter to pass her the keys, then rush back home to pack. i am done now. all ready to go. its drizzling lightly now. the air is cool. the cats are sleeping soundly.

i will fly today to delhi and then stay one night and fly to dharamsala the next morning. gurung, my exclusive taxi driver (introduced to us by our teacher when we were in dharamsala last trip) is going to come pick me up personally at dharamsala airport tmr! haha.. how lucky i am. and he had arranged for one his delhi drivers to pick me up at delhi airport. he runs a taxi and travel company. he is like our personal driver and guide. him, like most tibetans are warm hearted by nature.

i will reach dharamsala tmr then there are a few friends to meet up. and then i will go see the 17th karmapa at gyuto monastery and then i will go to sherab ling (5hrs drive away from mcleod ganj where i would be staying) to see tai situ rinpoche. i also want to visit norbulingka to see the thangka.

then 15Apr i will fly back to delhi to see my teacher, geshe dorjee and also attend his talk at tibet house on the 18Apr. after that, straight to the airport i go, and then my 'teacher blessing and removing obstacles before officially embarking on thangka school' trip will be completed. i will fly back to hk and immediately start shooting and layouting. haha... this is my life.

btw, just want to share with you that i took refuge so i am officially a buddhist now. i feel so happy. haha. and this is my new friend, rick from singapore. we are holding our refuge booklet. my tibetan refuge name is 'dorje palmo' (dorje means diamond;palmo means radiant woman. haha) i met many young aspiring fellow singaporeans. i feel so happy! my circle of dharma friends is expanding!
for those who are interested in meditation, should definitely check out Mingyur Rinpoche Joy of Living it is not religious at all. Mingyru Rinpoche is so funny and humourous! it makes the whole learning experience so vivid and easy!
there were many students who flew from taiwan, beijing and malaysia, singapore.. it was a truly touching moment when some of us shared our experiences at the end of the 2day course. you truly feel that everyone is one. everyone is looking for the same things in life. no exception. whether you are rich or poor, old or young, ultimately we all are searching for joy and peace in our lives. i love rinpoche's pink sandals. haha... ok here is a really funny teaching from rinpoche to share with you! have a laugh and enjoy! hahahaha...

i wish all of you a great day ahead and also please stay tuned to the blog. leekeng will be taking over. YES! you will get a break from my 'tibetan buddhist thangka' talk and switch channel to 'baby kimi kids family' talk. good balance. OK! i will be back in hk 19Apr early morning. see you then! take care and smile always.


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