Monday, April 19, 2010

how is everyone?

hi girls! i am back, with a tibetan name given by HH karmapa himself and my own indian mobile no.!! haha.. this two things kind of reflect my progress on the 'spiritual' path yeah? haha... this trip is very special to me. there are many moments when i feel totally blessed and so fortunate. ok i will share more later. quite tired now..

plane touched down this morning at about 7am. delhi is 42degree lots of mosquitoes and flies. i have never had flies follow horror. i swear i will never go to delhi in summer again. if its not for my buddhist philosophy teacher (who is HH Dalai Lama's monk english translator now teaching at delhi university) i will not stay behind at delhi. he just returned from switzerland with HH Dalai Lama so perfect timing. therefore all my mosquito bites are well worth it, i got the precious opportunity for a one to one full day intensive teaching with Geshe la ('geshe' is a tibetan buddhist academic degree for monks. and 'la' is added as a respect to the back of names.) so precious! i learnt so much.
on the other hand, dharamsala being up in the mountains is more forgiving. even though the sun is also very strong but at least the high attitude breeze is cool.

ok anyway. talk later. need to rest a bit..


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