Monday, April 19, 2010

dear dharamsala

here i am in dharamsala again.. a typical dharamsala sun set...high high up in the mountains in northern india. what can you see?
look again. to me, it looks like an angel with long hair and wide open arms or wings. i just sat there at the balcony and look. immense calm joy. let our hearts be like this vast open sky.
i love the guesthouse i am staying this time, 'pema thang'. sonam la, the manager is friendly and fatherly tibetan a8. always so helpful and gentle and kind. i highly recommend this reasonably priced guesthouse for anyone going to dharamsala. i love sitting here watching the evening sun. i hope this sep we can get to stay at pema thang again when we go for HH Dalai Lama teaching.
off i go! with gurung la, my very cool and fierce looking long hair driver (he always wants me to call him 'super duper hit driver tenzin gurung' haha) and personal bodyguard! haha... who dare to mess around with me when they see his face? right? hahaha...
first i need to make a summer chupa first. haha! these ladies the tailors are so nice, when she knows i want to go see the karmapa in a chupa, she rushed it out for me within like 4hrs! so happy. and offered to help me dress it properly the next day. then when i was waiting for kim's car to come, i was sitting there in the shop drinking tea and helping her serve some western customers in my lovely green flower print chupa. and tenzin la, she also gave me a bracelet. i want to go back in sep and make another short sleeve chinese style upper part chupa. hehe... i am seriously hooked to making chupa. maybe i should start selling chupa online. but one tip from tenzin la, next time i must bring heels, chupa must be with heels then nice! she said. haha
went to sherab ling and see the applique thangka school. so impressive! painting a thangka is already difficult, sewing one is harder to me. this huge thangka will be done in 2013. it takes 3 years. whenever i am in nepal or india, the way time is defined is completely different (as compared to fast pace city like hong kong). eg. so how long does it take to finish this big thangka? the teacher answered 'oh 3 years is ok' with the expression that tells me he is implying that its a short time. in my heart, i was like 'oh my god, it takes 3 years to complete.. hm....' i need to change this attitude altogether. becos my thangka course is going to take 6 years haha.. and Tai Situ Rinpoche as if reading my mind, looked at me in the eyes and said seriously 'when you start something, you need to finish it' before he blessed me. haha... hm.... ok. i get the message. haha this is all sewn. amazing! what i take from this trip to sherab ling is, slowly bit by bit, we can accomplish big things. but we need patience and dun need to rush or be desperate. tai situ rinpoche showed me the thangkas and said 'slowly bit by bit but everything perfect.' i shall remember. this very impressive monastery started out 25 years ago with a small monastery and today its huge. with guesthouses, schools for the little monks, clinic, and a huge monastic university is on its way. here is another new dharma friend, alan from vancouver who is there for the mahamudra level 3 class. feet very hot! didnt take much photos this trip as i was pretty much on my own this trip and visiting teachers. funny when i look at the photos now, i felt i was there like a week ago. i feel i am already in hk for some time. wierd.. i am now all into my hk life. i am able to switch modes very quickly now.


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