Friday, April 23, 2010

clear sky

hello everyone! how are you doing? its one day hot one day raining over here. i really duno what to wear. yesterday i went out for lunch with my friends at central, it was so hot when i left lamma, i had a tank top and jeans. by the time i reached central it was pouring! after lunch, i had to collect my tickets for a workshop next month at causeway bay and by evening when i took the 6pm ferry back, temperature dropped to maybe a 22 degree. when i was walking back to the house, the wind feels really chilling.

now, the sun is shining brightly and the air is warm. just like our emotions, up and down. high and low. but if our mind is tamed, no matter how it is on the outside, inside, it is always a vast clear sky. maintaining calmness and steadiness, we are able to contain any kind of external phenomenon, knowing they will not harm the inner peace and serenity (where true wisdom and true compassion have always been dwelling).
rainbow can come for a brief visit, huge dark clouds can hover around for some time, planes can fly across, birds can also. we try our best just to be aware, without clinging or rejecting. bullet proof, emotion proof. this is not to say that you dun feel anything. you still feel every emotion (in fact in totality) but behind it, you are totally aware that it is just an emotion (that had resulted from some cause and effect of our own immediate or past actions), it comes and will definitely go. then maybe comes back again and then goes again.

i always use the foreground and background to help myself visualise it. extreme excitement or enthusiasm or sadness experienced in the foreground, but always set against a background of constant calmness and steadiness. foreground always changing but background always stays the same. therefore when we are happy, we are calm and steadily happy. when we are angry, we are also calm and steadily angry. never losing it to the emotion. in that way, slowly slowly slowly starting from small things, we find discover that we can actually truly smile always.

have a great weekend, girls! smile always.... haha....


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