Tuesday, December 08, 2009

to the girl who will be moving to hong kong, haha..

congratulations girl! hey thanks for writing to me about this. i think this is a great opportunity to see more, learn more and experience more in life. every new, unknown adventure will definitely appear to be frightening before it begins. its ok to feel nervous about it. i did too when i first left. so scared... haha...

however in our hearts, we know that this is just the initial part. whenever i feel this anxiety, i try to bring myself back to the 'before' and 'after' of a similar past encounter. how nervous i feel, how much i worry about the slightest things before the thing actually happens. and then when it really happened, somehow all the thing i worry about seem to work themselves out. then i am convinced that all these nervousness is only part of the process. things ALWAYS somehow magically work themselves out. right? haha... i am sure you also have some personal past experiences of such, which you can draw some inspiration from.

and if we really think about it, realistically. there is nothing that bad in life. we still have a healthy body.

in fact, i feel you are very ready to embark on this adventure (which is why the universe is presenting it to you). ooh i am excited for you! acknowledge the nervousness. go through this initial phase with gentle courage, grace and gratitude. you are so ready to rock n roll! smile!! xxx


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