Monday, September 07, 2009

More preview!

hello girls! i cannot 'tahan' (means wait any longer) i am going to show you each item here now! hehe.... they are all my favourite items. i love this fringy top, its the ultimate party or nite out top! i feel like i can rock the world wearing this with a pair of skinny and a pair of fierce looking heels! sweep up your hair neatly into a pony tail, sharp eyeline, pale face with a dash of gloss, looking fierce and sexy but still warm and loving. haha.. check out kate moss's version at and see which one you like more!
this bolero jacket is a MUST BUY this week. oh well this is my personal opinion. i love the perky cap sleeves. after all, its all about shoulders right this autumn. so when we have it, flaunt it! haha.. i think i am over-excited now.. need to calm down a bit. please also try it with a pair of shorts. i think it will look really hot too! on a work day, match it with your black pencil skirt and a nice looking corset belt. can you picture it? i sure can and am loving it!

you girls CANNOT MISS this 2 blazers! i am so happy to find such high quality jackets you should have seen that look on my face! haha today i called to check for extra stocks. please note this one with the brooch, item no. 0924-009 is completely sold out in hk. so let me announce now here, that backorder will not be available. first come first served. tomorrow at 9am.

i love this subtle sequin and stud trim collar blazer. becos of its a little like the oversized boyfriend cut, i actually prefer to match it with skinny, but i forgot to shoot it to show you but i am sure you can already visualise it. do it with the faded dark grey one we had earlier. and a simple strappy tank inside. i love the straight shoulders silhouette accentuated by the shoulder pads. thanks marc j. for the 80s revival that changed my entire perception of shoulder pads! hehe...
for more jacket trend this fall, check out trend reports under 'smart investment'. dont miss out on making this smart investment with us yeah? haha...
since we are on the topic of shoulders. here are 2 more items with the same emphasis. this white top with a little embellishment on one side is great for both work and fun. i really like tops with tapered waist now. cap sleeve plus a cropped tapered waist and a little embellishment is the way to go. i also like the draping effect around the waist area. draping is also one the ket trends in fall. see more draping and ruching at the runway on and be inspired.

one more for you, this one in black, with small squares studs on both shoulders and shoulder pads for enhancement. this one is very sleek.
i saw a similar one at topshop when i was in singapore but i think ours is nicer. haha.. the side zip makes it more structured which gives a better silhouette.
haha ok i think i shall stop here... tehre are many more great items this batch all waiting for you tomorrow at WWW.KYURII.COM tomorrow at 9am! see you there!


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