Monday, September 07, 2009


hello girls! i am so excited! here is the preview for tomorrow's launch! are you loving it? heehee.. I AM! mixing texture, yes its all about that this fall. creating contrast, dancing in paradox, feel your way around with studs with sequins with satin with denim with fringing with ruche and thanks to 'Marc Jacobs led the latest revival with an unapologetic dose of New York nightclub nostalgia' quote from, IT IS NOW SO COOL TO HAVE SOME SHOULDER PADDING!
hahaha..i remember my primary school teachers wearing these oversized dresses with huge shoulder pads oh gosh... but now, i am loving that shoulder padded cropped blazer and jacket, plus that neat little black stud detail padded top. oh so many items i want to talk about..
ok you girls take a look first! i will go thru each item later so many of them i like this batch. now i have to get back to the layouts...


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