Saturday, September 05, 2009

what can you do for the other?

good morning girls. last nite i was thinking about my trip to india and nepal next month. i originally planned to take up a thangka painting course in kathmandu but because of the peak season (nepalese new year in sep), the flights are quite full and the cost of the tickets have gone up quite a bit. i have to be careful with my budget, which means flying off after the peak season which means lesser time for the painting course (which requires at least a good 2 week to learn the very basic of basic). 

this led me to think about doing something else, something for the people rather than for myself this time. i am also prompted by a video my friend posted up on fb this morning. how much time we do actually do things for the other? other than for ourselves. if we check in with our minds, it is almost all the time. i am not talking about our actions, but more importantly, our intentions. the root of all our actions. if you truly pay attention to the intentions of the actions we take, most of the time, it is for self gratification. if you try to set a day, where you dedicate the whole day of your actions to only serve the others (of coz, this is not asking you to be a doormat. certain amount of wisdom and discernment is still needed). you will realize how difficult that is. i tried that, i couldnt even get past half a day when my selfish, self-cherishing mind would creep in secretly... hee hee (evil mind laughter)...

anyway. back to the nepal trip, the first thing that came to my mind, is volunteering. i met many girls from my meditation class last year from the west who volunteered in orphanages, some for a year after college. it is truly inspiring. well, nothing is decided yet but i have emailed 2 orphanages for more information. i love being around kids. i am sure they have a lot to teach and give me. so far, this is the plan. 

anyway. this is the video. thanks susan for sharing it.

i didnt realized how little our government is towards welfare. it is sad. i hope what leekeng and i talked about employing handicapped people to help us pack the clothes will one day come true. there is actually so much we can extend to the less fortunates but to do that, we need to put our self-importance aside. sometimes i try not to use too much of the 'I' or 'my' like eg. 'my boyfriend, my cats, my kids, my family, my clothes, i like this, i am like that....'. they just encourage us to be separate from the rest of the world, from the other. do you only care for your kids? if real love is in our hearts, you would care for every kid. wouldnt you? you wouldnt choose her race, her country, her wealth or poverty to then decide if you should love her. to see everyone else as equal importance to us, or to whatever we 'claimed' as ours, is the hardest lesson for us to learn in life but let us try even for a moment or two.

i hope the video would inspire you to re-think about the way you are living your life now. is there something we can do for the other stranger? lets open up to the world.


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