Friday, September 04, 2009

if you know in this world there is love, this love is always fresh like green plants

hello! i am enjoying a quiet peaceful friday nite now.. working. with a cup of hot milo. yummy. that toast box 'dinosaur milo' is so popular here. so many of my hk friends all love it. anyway. today i went on a buying trip, not much exciting stuff today. so i decide to 'eat snake' (oops leekeng does read the blog you know. haha) well, since i was at kowloon side, i decide to go to the flower market to look at flowers and plants!
i ended up buying 5 little pots of indoor plants and i saw what i want for the roof! WATER LILLIES!!!!!! they are gorgeous! but first i need to find a huge ceramic pot then i can grow the lillies inside. oh i want to go back soon to get it. oh the house is filled with so much liveliness with plants around especially the toilet.
this trip to the flower market has inspired me to do more for my roof, to make it pretty. how often do you get to have a roof right so i want to make it pretty while i still have it. so i came home and went straight to the roof to pull out the weeds. haha.. i got my hands and feet dirty and it makes me happy. and they look happier too but poor weeds....
''our mind is like a piece of vast land that needs to be cultivated with constant love and care. without cultivation the land will become a scrubland filled with overgrowth of weeds and creepers. this weaken the growth of the tree which may then die. our mind weed is our habitual tendency of being selfish and greedy. if we dont know how to help ourselves and like to depend on others, it is like a creeper. if we leave them unattended, the forest will eventually be colonized by these weeds and creepers. nature always gives is lots of teaching on how to take care of our mind. if you understand nature, then you truly know how to love.''
tessy contemplating on love around the roof... doing his evening walking meditation. haha..


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