Sunday, May 02, 2010

What I Wear Today!

today we went hiking. my legs are aching so much now... and i am sooo tired and sleepy. too much activities lately... today she was my photographer so happy, we were shooting the new items around the house. haha.. NEW NEW NEW! coming up this wednesday!
the little garden right outside my house, is created by all of us living around this area. it started by the previous owner of my house, she put a buddha head, then slowly neaigbours start adding other stuff. the deer is my contribution. hee...
so many mosquitoes!
after shooting around the house, we walked to the other side of the island. i like the fan palm outside this house. also like the simple decor with the cat. i like this house too. so many interesting houses on lamma. red flowers everywhere... mosquito bites everywhere too.. haha there is 1 on each elbow, and more on my legs! ah.. my favourite house at pak kok village. small house with a great patio and great view. and beautiful bougainvilla...
great sunset....
i was trying to see if anyone is inside.. there is some furniture but it looked like it has been vacant for some time. the last time i saw a caucasian guy living there. i love lamma. thank you meifang for being the photographer for this coming launch! girls watch out THIS WEDNESDAY! the new items you see here, will be up then! ok i need to go to bed now.. my eyes are closing just like those on the tee.. haha..


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