Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Week New In!

i really like this champagne dress. wear it under a cropped jacket i think it will look great! if i go out later i will wear this. hehe..
yesterday i wore this but i forgot to bring my camera out. nowadays i am so lazy.. i just wear anything that can go with black leggings haha... oh yesterday i bought 2 nice pairs of sandals at prince edward. hehe.. cheap and good! show you soon.

and this one, i like too.
this one also, i like. haha... being very biased here. will look so good with my new strappy black sandals!
at S$32 the tulip skirts are a steal! please dont miss it. tell you some behind-the-scene stories, i was actually shocked that leekeng priced it at $32 (for that ruching front pencil skirt launched earlier) i called her up and said 'hey buddy, the skirts super high quality and super high in the cost price. why you sell so cheap?' haha.... but too late, its already uploaded. haha.. so now we will stick to this incredible $32 price. if you are happy, we are also happy. : )

these 2 simple sleek tops, i thought its nice to go with a belted high waist tulip skirt (or pencil skirts) look. i especially like the draping cowl neck, adds a little elegance to the look. plus the weaved shoulder bag as a finishing touch! that would be perfect! haha...

oh nearly forgot this, this waistcoat is great especially in summer, as an alternative to jackets, when you feel a need to layer up. i like it belted. but if i am keeping my bottom slim and defined with skinny jeans, then i think wearing the top loose and free will be better. looks more balanced.

OK you girls enjoy browsing through the NEW COLLECTION at while i go tidy up the purple room, my good secondary school friend who is currently working in shanghai is coming over tomorrow to visit! yeah!!! so happy so much to catch up.. however she is arriving tmr midnight and we have to find some place to 'camp' as the last ferry back to lamma is 12:30am (dont think we can make it) and the first ferry is 6:30am. haha so we have to kill 6 hours in between. i have planned for us to go for a 2hr massage then an early 2hr breakfast at the 24hr tsui wah in central. haha....


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